Drones are now banned from Sacramento County regional parks.

It’s an update to a 1971 ordinance that only mentioned “flying model airplanes.” Since they weren’t around during that time, the county wants to make it clear — drones are not allowed either.

The county said drones pose a safety threat since most parks are multi-use where people walk, fish and play. Officials also said drones would harass animals in their natural habitat.

“They’re much, much safer. They’re much easier to fly — and they’re much more capable than they’ve ever been before,” drone expert Thomas Bartlett said.

Bartlett is the CEO of Image in Flight, an aerial media company located in Rancho Cordova. He feels the ordinance makes it harder for people to enjoy the craft.

“I’m a little frustrated by the fact that it exists,” Bartlett said. “There needs to be a compromise. This ordinance just says, ‘No’ and most regulations regarding drones just say, ‘No.'”

The Federal Aviation Administration restricts drones during major sporting events, near wildfires or within 5 miles of an airport.

Sacramento resident Nick Mamola said he is annoyed at drones that fly close to him while he’s fishing and supports the ban.

“There’s many other places you can fly drones,” Mamola said. “It’s like flying a kite, you want an open area to do it. You don’t want to hit someone.”

With an increase in propeller popularity and an increase in drone restrictions, drone enthusiasts said it makes it harder to enjoy their craft.

“It’s becoming very difficult to legally fly your drone, even as a hobbyist,” Bartlett said.

If you need to fly a drone for a special event like a wedding, or school project, the county will approve permits on a “case by case” basis.