Best Professional Drones Of 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

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1. Holy Stone HS700D 2. Potensic D85 3. Parrot PF728000
Holly Stone HS700D

Potensic D85 FPV

Parrot PF728000


Drones have become one of the most in-demand gadgets of the past decade. Undoubtedly, it is due to their usefulness in many walks of life. If you are a professional videographer looking to take your work to the next level, a drone is a must-have.

No matter how excellent your videography skills are, a bad drone with poor video quality will not give you good results. That makes it paramount to have the best professional drone that money can buy.


Therefore, we have come up with this in-depth article on precisely that topic. Hopefully, it will make the process more simple and straightforward.

Factors To Look For While Buying Best Professional Drone

1. Range

The first and foremost thing to get your eyes on is the range of operation. As you would have already guessed, it is the distance up to which the drone can be controlled.

If one drone has a variety of 30 meters, then as long as the gap between the controller and the drone is within 30 meters, it can be operated.

If the range is higher, then you can capture more Aerial footage with ease. Unsurprisingly, if the price of the drone is higher, then the field will also be higher. So, make sure you have a reasonable budget as cheap drones will leave you wanting for better varieties.

2. Type Of Camera

Mainly, there are two types of drones. In some drones, you would have to attach an action camera yourself (A GoPro would suffice). In other cases, the drone itself would have an in-built camera. We would always suggest you go with the second type of drones.

Although buying a drone with a camera is the best option, you will have to ensure that the camera is of good quality. To do that, go through the specifications of the camera. Keep in mind that the megapixel count, sensor, video resolution, and camera angles are the factors that determine video quality.

3. Design

Since drones are getting very popular, there are several companies fighting to make the best professional drone in this segment. The increased competition leads to design innovations every few months. Therefore, buy the latest drone in the market to get the best design possible.

The advantage of buying the latest model are numerous. You usually get a better range, much-improved aerodynamics, better camera angle rotations, increased balance, and control, etc.

All these features definitely will improve the video quality you get from the drones. Additionally, it will also become easier to control the drone.

4. Battery Life

Drones are battery hungry in nature. Typically, you would need to charge a drone for hours at a time just to get a flight time of around a quarter of an hour. Yes, you heard that right, drones are that inefficient in terms of battery life.

However, we really can’t blame drone companies as they have to keep the size compact while giving it flight and video recording capabilities.

Moreover, As with every other feature, the higher the price of the drone, the better will its battery life. The best commercial drones come with a great 30-minute battery life while getting charged at a rapid pace too.

5. Height And Speed

The speed, along with the height a drone can reach, are crucial aspects of filming a video on a drone. If you are a sports professional and want to record live games, speed would be of paramount importance.

However, if you are a travel vlogger, the height would be an essential parameter. As a benchmark, the best professional drones in the current market can fly at a speed of 40-50 miles an hour.

Additionally, they can also fly up to 1600-1800 feet from the height at which they are launched. However, if you go for a lower-priced drone, you will get about half of that speed and altitude.

6. Replacement And Repair

Undoubtedly, drones are susceptible devices. Utmost care needs to be taken while operating them. Nevertheless, there will be instances where a small mistake will lead to the drone getting dysfunctional. In such cases, you would need replacement parts or repair.

Some of the parts that are usually replaced regularly are batteries, propellers, and gears. Ensuring that you buy a drone from a reputed brand will lead to an ease of getting parts and drone mechanics. The model that you buy should also be quite popular to make it easier.

7. Live Feed

Live feed is nothing but the real-time footage that your drone is taking at the moment. It is a feature that is present on almost all the drones across price ranges. However, the method of displaying the live feed differs a lot.

Some drones will broadcast the footage on a smartphone, while some would do it on a laptop. However, you should buy a drone which broadcasts on the controller itself.

It will make it much easier to control the drone. Rather than looking at another screen and operating the controller, it would be simple to use the controller itself.

8. Materials Used

The quality of materials used in the construction of the drone will determine the longevity of the drone. If you buy a low-quality device, then it is sure to malfunction and stop working within weeks.

Most low-quality drones are made of ABS plastic. You should stay away from drones made of this material.

On the other hand, fiberglass and carbon fiber drones are quite sturdy. However, they do cost a bit more and are used in the best industrial drones.

In the middle ground, you have alternatives made of stronger versions of ABS plastic. These don’t cost too much but are sturdy enough for long term usage.

9. Price

Last but not least, we should consider the cost of the drone. They can be an expensive investment, no matter how rich you are.

Therefore, caution should be exercised, and your requirements should be precise. It helps in not overshooting your budget or buying cheap. However, if you want the best professional drone, you will have to pay a high price.

Top 10 Best Professional Drones 2021

1. Holly Stone HS700D

Holly Stone HS700DWhen it comes to budget drone cameras, Holly Stone is a pretty big name with a
vast range of products up its sleeve. The HS700D is one of its more popular products and for a good reason.

With a great line-up of specifications and stellar ratings, it deserves to be a contender for the best professional drone.

With a camera capable of recording 2K and Full-HD videos, you won’t be left wanting a better quality of the footage. Additionally, you can live to stream the videos due to the tremendous 5Ghz transmission line.

The camera angle can be tilted up to 90 degrees, and the field of view is restricted to 110 degrees.

Coming to the height, the drone can reach heights up to 2600 feet from the point of release. It is quite decent for a drone in this price range.

Moreover, with a great battery life of 22 minutes, you would be satisfied with the height restrictions. Also, according to company claims and user reviews, the battery is quite easy to replace.

The motor installed in the HS700D is of 1500 VK rating. Furthermore, it is of the brushless type, which reduces accidents and crashes. It is because brushless motors don’t emit excessive heat.

The propellers are also easy to replace as they don’t have screws. They are also said to be more powerful and efficient than competitors.

Along with all these great specifications, you also get some nifty features like GPS, Auto return, and custom flight path.

These features, usually found in higher priced drones add that x-factor to the HS700D. All in all, we would definitely recommend this product as the best professional drone you can buy.


2. Potensic D85 FPV

Potensic D85 FPVThe Potensic D85 is one of the highest-rated professional drones you can find these days. That alone is a testament to how good a product it really is. With an enchanting combo of specifications and features, it can wow anyone looking to buy a drone.

Just like the previous product, this one also comes with a 2K Full-HD capable camera attached to it. That, along with the 5Ghz FPV transmission, will give you excellent video quality and superb control over the drone. FPV in this scenario, stands for First Person View.

With a whopping 130 degrees field of view, you won’t have to worry about missing any detail. Potensic also says that the short focal length and the large view will give you cinematic shots of the landscape. Hence, this would be an excellent camera for travel vloggers.

The D85 comes with a commendable battery life of 20 minutes continuous flight. It is due to the 2800 mAh lithium-ion battery, which is also said to charge quite quickly.

Additionally, there are other features like lost control return, which make sure the drone comes back automatically when the battery is low. The alarm GPS return is also a similar feature.

Coming to the speed, you can achieve 50 km/h quickly when the battery is full. However, it would not be recommended to go at this speed when the battery is low. Moreover, most users won’t require such high rates in the first place.

One disadvantage of the Potensic D85 is that there is no display screen on the controller. Hence, you would have to attach a phone to stream live feed. Also, a phone that supports 5 GHz WiFi band would be needed.


3. Parrot PF728000

Parrot PF728000One of the higher-priced drones on this comprehensive list is the one from Parrot. It is also one of the most compact drones you can find. Add to it the foldable feature, and you will get a super portable drone that fits everywhere.

Another great and unique aspect of this drone is that it can shoot 4K video footage. Finding such a feature at this price point is tough.

Hence, the premium when compared to other drones on this list, is justified. The 4K footage is taken through a 21 MP sensor. Furthermore, you also get an option of lossless 8x digital zoom.

To ensure that you get all the footage you need within a time frame, the Parrot has given it a 25-minute long battery life. Moreover, the device is charged through a USB Type-C port. You also get excellent wind resistance to protect it from the blasts of wind.

The design that the company has provided is quite ergonomic. It makes it comfortable to operate for long durations. Also, the 180-degree free tilt camera is outstanding to get a complete view of the landscape. It helps in getting unique shots that video viewers would love.

For safety reasons, you can mark out an area or perimeter before the flight. Once marked, the drone will not fly out of that zone, stopping you from worrying about its whereabouts. Moreover, you do get the usual return home feature if the battery is low or there are some technical issues.

Again, just like the previous product, you have to control the drone using a live feed from a phone. It can be done by downloading the freeflight 6 app from your app store. We feel for this price parrot should have provided a screen in the controller.


4. Holly Stone HS720

Holly Stone HS720The second product on our list from the manufacturer, Holly Stone, is the HS720. It is a product that is slightly higher priced than the other model. Without a doubt, it has some upgrades over the former, which justify the price tag.

Coming to the camera specifications, you get an option to capture 2K video. However, to save space, you can also opt for lower resolutions.

The company does not specify the sensor size and resolution, but according to user reviews, the video quality is quite satisfactory. It also has shock absorption, which is a nice feature to have.

The thing we are disappointed about this drone is the camera tilt angle. With room to move it just 90 degrees, you won’t be able to capture footage from every angle. However, the horizontal tilt makes up for it.

One great thing about this drone is battery life. When you can get 26 minutes of uninterrupted drone footage, most users will be more than satisfied. Also, the package comes with a dual balance charger, which has its own set of advantages.

Coming to the safety features on the HS720, you get a culmination of different return home settings. These include failsafe RTH for those scenarios where the drone malfunctions, low battery RTH and Smart RTH.

It also comes with a ‘follow me’ mode so that the drone takes footage while staying behind you. The custom path is another quite useful feature. By tracing a path on a map, you can make your drone follow the same way.

All in all, the HS720 deserves a shout out for the best professional drone if you can ignore the poor tilt angle.


5. Potensic D88

Potensic D88The Potensic D88 is a better version of the D85 model that we had reviewed earlier. Added to the great specifications list, the D88 is highly portable. It is due to the foldable nature of this highly-rated professional drone.

When it comes to the camera of the D88, you get a capable sensor that can capture 2K videos at maximum resolution.

However, it’s up to you to decide what resolution you want based on the storage available. All the footage is beamed onto your controller using the 5Ghz in-built WiFi

Coming to the safety features, it has the usual one-touch return option. Also, the drone automatically returns when the battery level decreases below a certain point, or the signal level drops and fluctuates. All these features make sure you don’t lose your drone quickly.

To select the route of your drone, you will have to draw dots on the map. It will create a path for the drone to follow.

There is also ‘point-wise’ flight, which makes the drone spin around in a point you selected on the map. With such features, you can take your creative output to the next level.

To improve the stability of the video, and in turn the quality, Potensic has provided one-axis gimbal. This reduces the effects of the shakiness of the drone while changing the angle. In-turn, you get cinematic video footage.

The flight time of the D88 is commendable at 20 minutes. Although it may not be class-leading, it will be sufficient for most professionals. The battery capacity is also quite high at 3400 mAh, meaning it will take a considerable amount of time to charge.


6. Ruko F11 Pro

Ruko F11 ProThe next product on our list is from Ruko. It is quite a popular drone with rave reviews online. What makes it unique is the spectacular specifications sheet along with class-leading features. The next few paragraphs will explain them in detail.

At this price point, with the F11 Pro, you get the ability to take 4K ultra HD photos while the video quality is restricted to 2.9K. This class-leading specification should alone make it the best professional drone. However, the drone has some other things up its sleeve too.

The battery life is also the best in class that you can find. With two sets of batteries present on this drone, you can fly it for 30 minutes at a time. The charging speed, however, is restricted due to the dual set of batteries.

With a foldable design and a super-compact form-factor, you also need not worry about carrying this drone with you on your travels. On top of that, the level 7 wind resistance and sturdy body will make it more durable.

There are also a plethora of safety features that you will find on the F11 Pro. These include the GPS hold function, one-touch return option, low battery return, etc. Additionally, you get the ‘follow me’ opportunity to increase your cinematic creativity.

On top of all this, you get a brushless motor inside the body. With that, you get a safer drone that won’t create too much noise while flying. Moreover, the 3-speed motor makes it very easy to control your drone flight.

All in all, the Ruko F11 Pro is one of the best professional drones your money can buy.


7. Holly Stone HS120D

Holly Stone HS120DOne of the cheapest products on this list is HS120D. It also makes it the go-to product for people who don’t want to invest too much on a drone. However, a potential buyer should not worry as it has a neat set of features and excellent footage quality, even with a price this low.

The video resolution on the HS120D is restricted to Full-HD. It may be less than the 2K resolution that most drones offer, but for the price, it is justified. Moreover, there should be no doubts over video quality. The video is also transmitted live to the controller.

The HS120D doesn’t miss out on many features that are found in higher priced devices. Instead, it just a bit inferior in its specifications. You do get nifty features like custom path, one-touch return, and follow me mode.

With easy speed adjust mode, even beginners will have no problem over control of this drone. Another such feature is the headless mode, which makes the drone face you and raises the altitude gradually. Furthermore, you also get the altitude hold feature.

In the end, we can say that if you are on a tight budget, then the Holly Stone HS120D makes perfect sense.


8. Contixo F24 Pro

Contixo F24 ProA compact drone that has become really popular with entry-level drone buyers is the Contixo F24 Pro. It is so lightweight and small that it can fit into the palm of your hand. It also has respectable features to backup the compact form factor.

The camera on the F24 Pro can record video quality of resolution up to 3K. However, the field of view will be restricted since the angle tilt of the camera is just 90 degrees. You also get a bird’s eye view option.

On top of this, the height of the drone is 1800 feet from the point of launch. It is quite commendable for a drone of this price.

Moreover, you get a Contixo app to control the flight of your drone. Additionally, you can also control the different modes with the app. However, we would have preferred the controller to have a screen for FPV.

One great thing about the F24 Pro is the superb battery life. You can easily except around 30 minutes of flight time with its battery capacity.

It has a Li-ion battery that can be charged through a Micro-USB port. However, to future-proof the drone, Contixo could have added a USB Type-C port.

With a brushless motor included in the package, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your internal parts. Moreover, the drone will also be comparatively quiet. It also has all the necessary safety features to make it a stress-free flight for you.


9. Potensic T35

Potensic T35The T35 from Potensic is one of its many highly-rated products. This all-white drone has a great line-up of features that will be sufficient for most professionals. Let’s check out them in detail in the next few paragraphs.

With Full-HD video recording capabilities, you won’t worry about the poor quality of the footage. The recorded video is transmitted to you via WiFi. However, it is not the 5 GHz transmission we see in similarly priced products.

The company has equipped the T35 with a 9-axis gyro. It goes a long way in the stabilization of footage. Furthermore, it also gives resistance against heavy wind flow. There are also several safety features that this drone boasts of.

Some other nifty features are the ‘draw the dots’ mode. It allows you to pre-draw the flight path on the map before launching the drone. It then follows the same way while recording footage.

Coming to the battery life, you won’t feel the lack of it. With two batteries, each providing 15 minutes of flight time, you won’t be disadvantaged in any way.

One thing we did not like about the T35 is the design is quite outdated. Moreover, the drone is also not small, making it hard to carry around.


10. Hubsan Zino Pro

Hubsan Zino ProThe Zino Pro from Hubsan is one of the higher-end drones that we have reviewed in this article. Undoubtedly, it has the stellar specifications needed to match the price tag.

The video and photo resolution both are capped at 4K. It makes it the drone having the best quality of video, at least on paper. The camera can also be rotated a full 360 degrees, allowing you to let your creative juices flow.

There is also a 3-axis gimbal present, which helps in the Stabilization of footage. Combine that with the level 5 wind resistance, and you will get very smooth footage.

There are also four modes present in the drone. These are the line fly mode, orbit mode, headless mode, and waypoint mode. All of the above allow you to take footage in different ways.

Looking at the features and specifications, we have a say that the Zino Pro is the best professional drone you can buy today.



That was the in-depth review of everything you would need to know about drones. We hope it provided more clarity to help you buy the best professional drone according to your budget. We have included every type of device possible for a wide variety of audiences.

However, there will be some people still confused about which option to choose. To make it more straightforward, we have summarised the whole article in the next few paragraphs.

If you want the best mix of features, specifications, and incredible prices, you should look to buy the Holly Stone HS700 or the Ruko F11 Pro.

When compared to other drones, they have the right set of essential features like excellent video quality, superb range, and commendable battery life.

On the other hand, if you have deep pockets and won’t settle for anything else than the best professional drone, you should buy the Parrot PF728000 or the Hubsan Zino Pro.

Comparatively, the Hubsan is a bit less in price. However, it does offer almost the same features and user experience.

On the cheaper end of the spectrum, you will find the Holly Stone HS120D and the Potensic T35. Both of them don’t really have the best specifications or a wide variety of features. However, if it is your first foray into the drone world, you should go for these models.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Some Of The Best Brands That Produce Drones?

Some of the well-known brands that come to mind when we talk about drones are DJI, Parrot, Holly Stone, and Potensic. All the mentioned brands have a great line-up of drones across price ranges and user requirements. Since, they are popular, getting replacement parts and repairs from these brands are also very easy.

2. How Much Does A Professional Drone Cost?

Since drones are becoming popular devices, you can find them for as low as $150 these days. However, those will be quite cheap in quality too. In order to get the best bang for your buck, look for drones in the $250-$350 price range. The premium and flagship drones can also cost up to $1000-$1500 in price.

3. How High Can Professional Drones Fly?

The record for the highest ever flight by a drone is held by the DJI Phantom 2. It was able to fly to a height of 11,000 feet before coming back. However, most professional drones cannot do that and restricted to 3000 feet.

4. Are There Any Restrictions On Flying Drones?

Yes, after many accidents, most countries have brought out drone laws. It has been done to keep the sky safe and not make drones interfere with airplanes or birds. You should go through the laws of the country in which you reside to get a better idea.