Best Selfie Drones of 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

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1. DJI 2. EACHINE 3. ZeroTech
DJI Spark

Eachine E61 Mini Drone

ZeroTech Dobby Selfie Drone


Drone tech has advanced a lot over the years, just like any other electronic device or appliance. While they are usually used for live streaming splendid views, a football game, or action scenes in films, these days they can also be used for clicking selfies.

Now you must be thinking why would anyone want to spend too much money on a drone just to click selfies. Don’t worry, you won’t be spending a lot as you won’t have to buy a heavy and large drone, instead compact and small sized drone will do, which won’t cause a hole in your pockets.


The drone tech has not only improved, companies these days are also trying to manufacture affordable cum compact drones with extra features, so that everyone can enjoy the experience of flying a drone. With a tiny drone within your reach, you can take your selfie game to a next level. You can capture valuable moments, for example, a selfie clicked at a Sunday brunch or pictures clicked on a family tour.

Not only can you use these drones to click selfies, you can also click pictures that earlier could only be taken from aircrafts or helicopters. Recently, a lot of people have started showing interest in aerial photography and thus, drones have become quite popular. If you are a beginner, who is new to selfie drones, you can gain a lot of information by reading this guide on best selfie drones.

This guide highlights key factors you need to consider before buying a photography drone, like flight safety, portability, service, image systems, and extra features. A few factors get added to the list if you are planning to buy a selfie drone than a regular drone. Not only would you be able to enjoy flying it, but also be able to click pictures from unique angles and perspectives that you may not be able to achieve with your DSLR or smartphone camera.

This guide will also be listing popular brands, addressing FAQs, and reviewing some of the best selfie drones available on the market today. A flying camera definitely sounds a lot cooler than clicking pictures with a selfie stick. We have combined all the necessary information about selfie drones in this guide and hope that it will help you decide which selfie drone is the most suitable for you.

How Do Drones Work And How To Operate Them?

If you are new to drones, it is better to understand the basic mechanism of this device. It is a remote control flying vehicle which has 4 rotors. This doesn’t go for the bigger drones used by professionals to study climate change or make other observations. Small drones are comparatively easy to fly, which makes them suitable for recording videos and clicking pictures.

Rotors are used in drones for control and propulsion. Spinning blades are responsible for pushing the air down and the air pushes the rotors up. This is how the lift works and controls the upward and downward motion. The greater will be the lift, if the rotors spin faster.

A drone can cover, descend, or climb in the vertical plane. The amount of force pushing the drone up needs to match the gravitational force pulling it down. By increasing the speed of all the rotors, you can get a non-zero upward force, greater than the drones’ total weight.

By the help of a remote controller, you will be able to change the spin rate of one or more rotors. Some drones can also be operated by a computer control system. You just need to push a joystick and the rest the computer handles. Nowadays, mini-drones can also be operated via smartphones. All you need to do is download a specific app on your phone.

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Selfie Drones

In this section of our guide we will be listing a few important factors you need to keep in mind before you purchase a best selfie drone. We will be highlighting general factors you need to consider before buying any kind of drone and will also be focusing on selfie drones and its features.

1. Flight Time

It is one of the most basic factors that every drone needs to consider. you won’t be able to enjoy flying your drone and clicking selfies with it if it offers a limited flight time. A drone’s weight and onboard equipment determine its battery. Medium sized drones offer an average flight time of 15 to 20 minutes. There are some quadcopters that come with a maximum flight time of 30 minutes or more.

Mini drones do not have a large battery system; thus, their average flight time is not more than 15 minutes. If you are a beginner, you can manage with a mini drone as you will require some time to get familiar with the controls. Once you’ve mastered flying it, you could upgrade.

If you want to engage in professional aerial photography, a drone that offer longer flight time will be necessary. But if you just want to take selfies, a mini drone will do.

2. Remote Controller/ Transmitter

A controller is what is needed to operate the drone and make it perform various aerial stunts. You need to make you are confident enough to fly it safely. If it is your first time, it is recommended that you purchase a drone that comes with a physical remote controller, rather than the one which gets connected to a smartphone app.

It is difficult to digitally control drones via smartphones or tablets as such systems are more complicated. Some controllers offer added functionality, for example; some quadcopters feature LCD screens, so you could view what the drone is capturing. Some feature analog sticks and employ 2.4GHz frequency.

3. Your Personal Skill Also Matters

Another factor which is mostly neglected in such discussions your skill level which actually determines the kind of drone you should be purchasing. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you go for a model which makes it easy to practice agility mid-air.
If you want to get into the field and are looking for top-notch features, still look for a drone which offers simpler operation. Once you have developed a basic skill level, you can upgrade and experiment more.

4. Consider The Price Range

You can get an entry-level best selfie drone under $100. If you want to buy something more professional it will cost about $400 to $500. Some high-tech ones can even cost more than $1000, especially those used by scientists and researchers.

A lot of brands offer an entry-level drone option; a drone with basic features as well as upgraded pro models. If you are confused about future upgrades, your skill level, and price range, it is better to opt for a quadcopter that stands between pro and beginner, for example; DJI’s Mavic. Drones are generally divided into 4 categories; pro, advanced, novice, and beginner.

Many people who buy selfie drones do not prefer many advanced features except for a few aerial stunts, sufficient flight time and a good selfie camera. If you don’t plan on spending much for clicking selfies, don’t worry, as you’ll get a lot of options within a low-price range.

5. Camera

As here we are giving information on best selfie drones, it is quite unsaid that camera is one of the most important factors. If you are going to use a camera to capture fantastic views and click pictures of flora and fauna from various angles, you will require a camera that provides extremely good image quality. Or at least a drone which allows you to attach a camera.

Most brands now manufacture drones, which come with a camera that is capable of 4K shooting, for example; Phantom 4, Mavic, etc. Selfie come equipped with special 1080p cameras. The 4K shooting option gives you the opportunity to make high-quality videos.

It all comes down to what is your purpose behind buying a drone with an attached camera. Do you want to use it for professional purposes like to make high-resolution videos and to indulge in aerial photography, or you simply want a camera on a drone to click pictures of you while you are on a tour with family or friends?

If you want to get serious about drone photography, then a drone offering 4K capability will allow you to be more creative as well as flexible.

Otherwise, you can choose a simple selfie drone to click pictures of you from an aerial view. There are also other features a drone camera boasts which shouldn’t be ignored.

If you need to make videos on your drone for professional purposes, that means that later you’ll need to edit, scale, rotate and crop the video. Video editing causes a decrease in resolution, so if you are working with a 1080p camera, the edited video won’t be sharp. A 4K camera works a lot better in this case as it provides you with extra pixels to experiment with.

One extra feature that is mentioned in the detailed description of best selfie drones is canned FPS (frames per second). FPS controls how many distinct consecutive pictures a camera can manage each second. Cameras with 24fps to 30fps allow you to make smooth footage. But if you want to try special effects like slow motion and dolly zoom, you will require 600fps.

6. Is FPV Important To You?

You need to check if the onboard camera provides quality FPV (first person view). FPV is a feature which allows you to enjoy on your phone or laptop, the view that the drone is capturing. Hence, you will be able to capture splendid shots and also stabilize gimbal.

Some brands also manufacture drones that do not come with an onboard camera. But allow you to attach your own GoPro camera. It all depends on your requirement and budget. Sometimes attaching your own camera can turn out to be more expensive than having an onboard camera because you will need to purchase extra equipment like stabilization gimbals and camera mounts.

7. Is Raw/DNG Format Support Important To You?

If you don’t edit your pictures using Lightroom or Photoshop, this section is not important for you to go through. But there are many people who like to edit their videos, even if they are not working as professionals. If a camera drone can capture RAW/DNG images, this opens a plethora of editing options in post-production.
An image records all of the data collected by the camera’s sensor by using RAW/DNG format. This feature helps a lot during nighttime shoot. This format is responsible for creating greater possibilities for aerial photography enthusiasts.

8. Does The Drone Hover Completely Still?

Stable hovering is absolutely necessary for good image quality. If the drone can’t hover well, it will consistently fall, drift, or rise. This will lead to shaky images. A high-tech flight control system and onboard sensors are required to maintain stable hovering.
A lot of people prefer buying DJI drones because these drones are leading on the market when it comes to stable hovering. To know more about this feature and make sure you buy the right model, you can visit YouTube channels and check the reviews of DJI drones. Other brands also manufacture models that provide stable hovering. It is recommended that you read the reviews of a model you’ve selected, before making a purchase.

9. The Significance Of A Mounted Gimbal

A gimbal is a significant part of equipment for recording steady videos. some low-quality drones only provide gimbals as an accessory. There are some models which do not support a gimbal at all. If you do not have a gimbal, shaky videos won’t be avoidable.
You need to select a best selfie drone that comes with a mounted gimbal. The DJI Phantom series was one of the first to introduce a 3-axis gimbal. Other new brands like Mavic have also started featuring 3-axis gimbals, specially designed for mini drones. Mounted gimbal technology is advancing at a great speed.

10. Intelligent Functions/ Extra Features

Camera drones meant for aerial photography and professional video recording are quite costly. It is because they allow you to make high-definition videos, click sharp pictures, feature a good flight control system, and are also equipped with advanced functions to assist shooting.

These intelligent functions include automatic tracking, fly along waypoints, taking selfies with a gesture like a wave or a wink, etc. Different brands offer different features in all their models. For example; the Mavic 2 Zoom offers double optical zoom feature, which means you can take a close-up shot for far away without disturbing the subject.

The DJI Phantom series comes with a mechanical shutter to minimize distortion when capturing objects moving very fast, like bees or other insects. If you want to spend some more on drones which offer these extra features and are confused, it is better to select according to your skill level and intended use of the drone.

For example; these days the Follow Me feature has become quite popular because by pushing one button it allows the drone to follow you and take videos or pictures of you from an aerial view. Another feature, obstacle avoidance is also gaining popularity because it ensures that you have a good time while flying the drone. The drones which offer this feature are equipped with sensors that prevent it from smashing into a wall or a tree. The more the extra features, the greater the price. Hence, it all depends on how much you are willing to pay.

We hope that our list of 10 crucial factors to keep in mind before buying the best selfie drone has helped you see through the cloud of confusion. Now you may have some idea about how to begin and what to look for before investing in a quadcopter.

Before moving on to product reviews, we thought it may be better for you to learn the types of commercial drones available on the market and a list of popular brands that manufacture them.

Types Of Consumer Drones

Mainly drones are divided into three broad categories; single rotor drone, multirotor drone, and fixed wing drone. Among these three, the most popular category is multirotor drone or simply termed as the 4-rotor quadcopter.

This list of types of consumer drones further divides the multirotor drone into 5 categories; racing, drones, hobby drones, selfie drones, professional drones, and mini drones. These drones are distinguished on the basis of size and purpose. Read the detailed list below to know more;

1. Mini Drones

These are extremely small quadcopters as they are not bigger than the palm of your hands. They are usually recommended for beginners and children as they are easy to operate and you can fly them inside. Due to their small size, they won’t even damage your furniture or décor.

What makes them more popular is their price. They are very affordable as they cost less than $100. Some of them also feature onboard camera but the quality may not be that good. They also feature propeller guards to protect the drone from harm during the initial learning process.

Professionally too, mini drones are used to smoothly reach places and capture images where a large sized drone can’t possibly work. But such drones are expensive because they feature high-quality cameras for sharp images and high-resolution video recording

2. Hobby Drones

Hobby drones are gaining popularity day by day because of their size and easy operation. These are mid-sized drones with bigger propellers guards and frames. These are only to be flown outside and can cost anywhere between $70 to $500. The total cost depends on the extra features, the quality of camera and flight time the drone offers.

The resolution quality of the cameras is good enough to click selfies if you go for the affordable models. As the camera quality increases, the price also shoots. Some expensive drones offer intelligent functions like Headless Mode, One Key Takeoff and Landing, Altitude Hold, and Follow Me.

You can also buy a hobby drone that offers FPV and Wi-Fi connection. Brands like Syma, UDI, Holy Stone, and Parrot and famous for manufacturing hobby drones.

3. Professional Drones

As the name suggests, these drones offer the best in drone tech. Needless to say, they are also comparatively expensive. They come with all kinds of intelligent features, camera highly suitable for aerial photography and video recording, offer longer flight time, are equipped with better batteries, etc.
The average flight time offered by these drones is around 25 minutes. Recent models are all equipped with obstacle avoidance. If you are serious about aerial photography, then you should go for this type. Future upgrades can also be made if you want to experiment more after some time.

The starting range of professional drones is $700 and can exceed thousands of dollars. DJI Phantom series is quite popular in this category. Other include the Yuneec Typhoon H plus and Autel Robotics’ EVO drone.

4. Selfie Drones

As this guide is specifically about best selfie drones, there was chance of not mentioning this category on our list. As the selfie trend kicked in a few years ago, selfie drones also became popular and their demand increased. They are small and compact drones that cost anywhere between $50 to $800 (depending on extra features and camera quality).

Some popular models in this category are JJRC H37 and DJI Spark which features Facial Recognition as well as Gesture Control. We will be listing more such models in the last section of our guide. These drones are preferred by both hobbyists and beginners because of their compact size and easy to fly operation. You will be able to click selfies from unique angles and carry this drone anywhere with you because of its size.

5. Racing Drones

Racing drones are also gaining market because both young and old drone flyers are showing their interests. These are small quadcopters which need to be flow with the help of goggles. But they are not usually recommended for beginners as they are preferred by those who have developed their flying skills and are advanced drone flyers.

One can only engage in racing activities after gaining some experience. If you think fast flying and racing against fellow flyers is interesting, then you can purchase a racing drone. But still we suggest you start with a cheaper model, get a hang of it and learn some basic features before trying out a racing drone. Some of the popular racing drones in the market are produced by Eachine and Walkera.

Best Consumer Drone Manufacturers

The air drone craze is in full bloom in most countries and drone manufacturing brands from all around the world are continuously launching new and more advanced models. We have compiled a list of some of the renowned drone manufacturers to give you more information. Going through this list will help you make an informed decision in the end if you are looking to buy a best selfie drone.

If you want to know more about any one of the listed brands, you can visit their official website and learn more. If you are familiar with a specific brand and prefer buying a model manufactured by it, then check out the popular model currently produced by the brand.

1. DJI

By now you must have heard this term because we’ve mentioned DJI in some of the earlier sections of this guide. Its headquarter is located in Shenzhen, China and they this brand is probably the most trusted one on the market. Their Phantom series drones became famous due to GPS first person view. It manufactures all types of products, suitable for both professionals and beginners.

Some of its evergreen models are DJI Phantom 4 pro, DJI spark, and DJI Mavic pro. It has introduced a new model recently, called the Mavic Air drone. It is a compact drone with advanced obstacle avoidance system called APAS (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems). The brand suggests that you wear their signature goggles in order to enhance your FPV experience. DJI has also introduced its racing edition drones.

2. Yuneec

Yuneec leader not only manufactures drones, but also other electric aviation devices. It is also a Chinese brand whose headquarters are in Kunshan, Jiangsu. This brand has gained popularity in North America, Europe, and Asia. The brand manufactures nearly 1 million units each year that are further sold under Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brands.

In the year 2014, it launched one of the first ready-to-fly drones, called the Typhoon Q500 quadcopter. After tis launched that brand gained more popularity and its drone buyers increased. Some of its other popular models include; typhoon H 4K, Yuneec Breeze, and Mantis-Q. Yuneec Breeze is a smart drone that can be operated with simple voice commands.

3. Parrot

Parrot is a French company and has headquarters in Paris. It has recently entered the quadcopter industry. It actually began by manufacturing wireless devices for automobiles and cell phones, for example; Bluetooth hands free kit. It very quickly made a good name in this field with its AR drone series.

The AR 2.0 drone is its most popular model, it is a decently priced hobby drone which features FPV system and can be controlled by a smartphone application. Its new models include Bebop 2 drone and the Parrot Disco FPV drone which comes with plenty of advanced features. The DISCO FPV is a fixed wing drone with an incredible battery life of 45 minutes plus FPV goggles.

The recent addition to its collection is ANAFI quadcopter that features 4K HDR onboard camera, a 21 MP sensor, as well as great zoom-in features. This model is the first drone manufactured by this brand that is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer.

4. Autel Robotics

It is a Chinese company which also has headquarters in U.S. It is a sub-branch of Autel Intelligent Technology company which was founded in 2004 and is famous for producing great automotive diagnostic tools and equipment. It began manufacturing UAV/drones after establishing Autel Robotics in 2014.

Since then, it has mainly focused on developing easy-to-operate quadcopters for professional aerial photography and other such industries. Most of its models are high-end professional drones. The most popular model manufactured by Autel is the X-Star premium drone which is equipped with a 4K camera and gives tough competition to DJI Phantom series.
It recently launched its first portable drone, called EVO. It is a small aircraft with a plethora of intelligent functions and a good quality camera.

5. Hubsan

This brand is also based in China, whose headquarter is in Dong. It is famous for its hobby and selfie drones which are available at affordable prices. Thus, it has developed a good market with its models being quite popular among drone flyers.

The Hubsan X4 H107C is a suitable model for beginners and its other FPV models come with advanced features like Follow Me, Headless and Altitude Hold mode, GPS positioning, etc. It has recently launched Hubsan Zino Drone with brushless motors and foldable rotors. As all its models are decently priced plus offer a high-quality built, a lot of beginners choose this brand over others.

6. Blade

Blade is owned by Horizon Hobby and is based in Illinois. It specializes in hobby drones and offers enhanced functions like obstacle resistance and SAFE to make drone flying safe and simpler. This brand offers a lot of options, ranging from helicopters to multi-rotor drones. Its popular models include; Blade Nano QX, Blade ZEYROK drone, and Blade CHROMA drone which is ideal for aerial photography.

It also manufactures a lot of FPV drones and among them the most advanced one is the Blade Inductrix FPV quadcopter. It is available in two different models (one for beginners and one for professionals). its drones are user-friendly and hence, are highly recommended to beginners.

7. Syma

Syma is another Chinese brand based in Shantou. It is known in the industry for its remote-controlled helicopters. Its X5C is a great drone for beginners. Other well-known model manufactured by the brand are; X5C-1 Explorer, Syma X11 mini-drone, and the Syma X5SW Plus quadcopter.


JJRC is a Chinese brand which made its name by manufacturing toy robots, toy guns, and remote-controlled cars. After establishing itself in this field, it started taking interest in UAV/drones. They already have a vast collection of toys and now they also manufacture remote-controlled hobby drones.

Their target consumers are children and so they manufacture easy-to-use mini as well as nano drones. It keeps launching new models every now and then to entice children and young adults. Some of its evergreen models for children include, JJRC H36, JJRC H20, and JJRC X5 FPV drone which is equipped with 90 degrees adjustable 1080p HD camera plus brushless motors.

It also manufactures a great selfie drone called the JJRC H47 Elfie and has recently added a waterproof drone to its collection called the JJRC H31.

9. UDI RC Toys

This brand is also based in China and manufacture a variety of radio-controlled devices, like cars, boats, drones, and helicopters. Consumers are satisfied with their products due to a durable built and low-price range. Its popular models include the UDI U818A RC drone and UDI U818 WIFI FPV drone. almost all its new models are jam packed with advanced features like Follow me, Headless Mode and also offer adequate flight time.

10. Walkera

Walkera is a China based drone manufacturer that produces a variety of models. It began by manufacturing hobby drones and now it is focusing more on producing racing drones. Some of its top models are; Walkera Rodeo 159 RTF FPV drone, Rodeo 100 racing drone, and Walkera F210 quadcopter.

11. Cheerson Hobby

This is the last brand on our list of top consumer drone manufacturers. Cheerson Hobby was established in 2011 and is based in China. It doesn’t only manufacture drones, but specializes in various kinds of remote-controlled toys.

Its well-known models are; CX-10 Mini drone and Cheerson CX-10WD which is an updated model which features Altitude Hold and Follow Me. It is a decent brand which is not very well known but is slowly gaining market.

It is quite clear that China rules the market when it comes to manufacturing drones. Now that you have a basic idea of the present quadcopter manufacturers, it will help you in selecting some of the best selfie drones.

Now we are moving to the last section of our guide where we will be reviewing some of the best selfie drones available online on sites like Amazon. We have tried covering a variety of models, all boasting unique features and priced differently. If you have a low budget, do not worry, because we have complied in this list a few models which provide the best for a low-price. The models are listed as follows;

Top 15 Best Selfie Drones 2021

1. DJI Spark

DJI Best Selfie Drone

The first model on our list of best selfie drones is by DJI and comes with a great quality camera that lets you make videos in 1080p HD. With its 12 MP camera, you can make sure each and every shot captured is crisp and clear. It offers a flight time of 16 minutes and can be operated within a range of 300 ft.

It is ideal for flying in your backyard or in a nearby community park where you can fully enjoy its range of 300 ft. When it comes to selfies, this mini drone will not disappoint you. It comes with a few extra features which let you experiment more with your videos and pictures, like Quickshot, TapFly, and Active Track.

It also features a Sport mode which is an amazing option for those who like to fly in open and vast fields. There is just one issue with the Sports mode, while you’re using it, you may slightly lose control of the drone, especially if you’re a beginner.

The drone weighs 1.5lbs and can fly at a maximum speed of 31mph. one of its unique features is that you will be able to establish preset flight paths like filming or circling. It costs a bit on the higher end and has a lengthy setup procedure.


2. Eachine E61 Mini Drone

Eachine E61 Mini Drone

In the earlier section we have already described Eachine’s popularity and listed some of its well-known models. This specific model is made for clicking selfies. The E61 is a compact selfie drone that offers plenty of interesting features. Due to its One Key Return feature, by just pressing a button, the drone will fly back to its starting point.

With its Altitude Hold mode, you can click precise pictures because it helps to lock the location and height of the drone. You will automatically be able to clear images with the drone in the position you want it. It comes with a remote controller, but can also be controlled using a smartphone. For that, you just need to download an app on your mobile.

Using its Headless mode, the drone can be flown in whichever direction you want it to go, no matter where its front side is pointing. It features a 0.3 MP camera, good enough for clicking selfies, but can’t be used for professional aerial photography.

One major downside is that this drone offers short flight time, about 7 to 8 minutes and takes 45 minutes to recharge. Some customers have complained that their model was equipped with a defective battery and some faced issues while connecting with Wi-Fi. Still, it is great selfie drones for children and amateurs. It’s one of the most affordable ones on this list as it costs less than $50.


3. ZeroTech Dobby Selfie Drone

ZeroTech Dobby Selfie Drone

This one is a compact selfie drone which features folding components that make it easy to fit inside a pocket and increase its portability. It features HD camera that swivels 90 degrees to allow you to capture fast moving objects. It is equipped with 3-axis image stabilization system to help you click sharper aerial selfies.

You can control it via your smartphone by downloading an app. Once connected to the app, you can view the images you’re capturing in-real time from your phone. You can also directly upload the captured images online, share with your friends, or directly save them to your phone’s photo gallery.

It features a 13MP camera which will help you level-up your selfie game and record 1080p HD videos. It offers a few interesting add-on features like Burst mode, Time Delay mode, and Selfie mode. It is moderately priced as it costs less than $200, but the only issue is that it has a poor battery life which allows for a flight time of 10 minutes. Avoid flying it when it’s windy outside as it may lose its balance.


4. Yuneec Breeze

Yuneec Breeze

This mini-drone is ideal for beginner flyers as it is very easy to operate and offers 5 automated flight modes, which include; journey, orbit, follow me, selfie, and pilot. Not only is it easy for beginners to fly, but advanced drone flyers can also enjoy its sundry flight modes.

It is especially made for those who want to buy a drone for clicking great selfies. It is equipped with an ultra-selfie 4K HD camera, which will allow you to click sharp pictures. The brand has also developed a corresponding Breeze Cam app, specially for this model. The app allows you to edit your selfies and add filters, you can also share pictures on social media.

One of its best features is its positioning sensors that let it hold its position mid-air, preventing it from crashing into walls or trees. Its propeller protectors also provide extra safety, increasing its durability. It can be controlled using your smartphone and is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The only downside is that it offers a short flying range of 50ft. All in all, it is a versatile and affordable product.


5. Holy Stone HS160 Pro Selfie Drone

Holy Stone HS160 Pro Selfie Drone

This Holy Stone Pro selfie drone is a low-cost product with a variety of features. It comes with an Optical Flow sensor, so you can suspend the quadcopter at any height you want. This prevents it from drifting further and lets you click the perfect selfie.

It doesn’t come with a remote controller, so you will have to download the accompanying app on your smartphone. It offers you the option of flying it at three different speed levels; low, medium, and high. You can alter the speed level mid-flight to conveniently capture the images you want. This feature also makes the drone suitable for beginners.

You can make 1080p HD videos with its camera and it also comes with a 110 degree angle lens. It also offers One Key Take off/Landing feature to make operation easier. The only downside is that it takes up to 110 minutes to fully recharge, which may be inconvenient to some.


6. Hover Passport

Hover Passport

This drone is one of the most unique drones available on the market today. It comes with a special Owner Mode for secure facial recognition. with this feature, the quadcopter can locate and follow you when it’s flying. You can click your selfies hands-free, due to its Gesture control function which allows you to keep the remote aside and instead, you will be able to click photos with a simple gesture.

Its shape is different from other drones, but it is designed to maximize durability. It features a carbon fiber cage that provides protection if it hits while taking off/landing. It allows you to make 4K HD videos and comes with a 13MP camera. It offers a total flight time of 10 minutes after begin fully re-charged.

The only issue is that because of its shape, most people opt for another model as they want to go for something more normative. It is also on the pricier end, which makes beginners think twice before investing.


7. KIZMO K160 Portable Drone With HD Camera, Red K150, Black

KIZMO K160 Portable Drone With HD Camera, Red K150, Black

The Kizmo K160 is another best selfie drone which boasts a non-normative design. It is a pocket-sized drone and hence is easy to carry anywhere you want. It is equipped with 4 small propellers that assist in providing a stable flight experience. It offers 3 different speed levels and you can change its speed mid-flight.

With a press of a button, it will follow you wherever you go, due to its facial recognition software. It comes with a variety of features including; Altitude Hold, Headless mode, Follow Me mode, and Automatic Take off/Landing. It is a stable drone despite its compact size and is available at a reasonable price. The only issue that users have reported is that they faced connectivity problem with iOS.


8. JJRC H37 Elfie Pocket Fold Portable Photography WIFI FPV With 0.3MP Camera Phone Control

JJRC H37 Elfie Pocket Fold Portable Photography WIFI FPV With 0.3MP Camera Phone Control

You must have read about JJRC in the previous section of this guide. JJRC H37 Elfie pocket drone is specially designed for clicking selfies. It is quite similar to ZeroTech Dobby’s Selfie drone with regards to features, but is priced much lower. It is a suitable model for those who don’t want to spend much on their first drone and simply want to explore aerial photography.

The JJRC H37 does not feature a memory card slot, so you may have to directly transfer the clicked images to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. It offers an 8-minute flight time and can perform various flips and stunts. It is camera quality is decent, not the best, but that’s good enough for a drone which costs below $50.

It is user-friendly, suitable for beginners, and works well with the app. The only problem is that it doesn’t have a memory card slot and offers short flight time. But if you have a low budget and just want to buy a drone for clicking selfies, you won’t be able to find a cheaper model on Amazon.


9. DeXop SG900 Selfie Drone

DeXop SG900 Selfie Drone

This best selfie drone comes with two HD Wi-Fi camera so you can capture photos and videos from multiple angles. It is a compact drone, which boasts a foldable design. It comes with a remote controller, but you can also operate it using your smartphone. One of its best features is its amazing flight time of 22 minutes. This much flight time is not very common in other mini drones which are not expensive.

It features Altitude Hold, Speed control, and dual cameras. It doesn’t provide the best image quality, still it is great model for those who want longer flight time at a low price.


10. Contixo F22 Foldable Selfie Drone

Contixo F22 Foldable Selfie Drone

Contixo is another decent brand which we didn’t mention in the previous section of this guide because it isn’t very popular. But Contixo F22 selfie drone has gained some market due to its great flying range of 800 feet and built-in GPS module. You can fly it for long distances and take to your nearest park or any other vast expanse to enjoy your flying experience.

It offers a hands-free experience as you can click pictures by making a peace sign or wave your hand to start making a video. It features LED lights that display the amount of battery that is remaining, so you can land the drone before its battery dully dies. It offers a flight time of 13 to 15 minutes and takes 110 minutes to recharge.

With its 1080p HD camera, you can make great videos and capture splendid shots. It also offers an optional bonus battery feature for a slightly longer flight time. It is a bit costly and you’ll need to use branded SD cards as standard SD cards won’t work. It sometimes gets difficult to control the drone’s speed and maintain stability.


11. GoolRC Drone Foldable Selfie Drone

GoolRC Drone Foldable Selfie Drone

The GoolRC selfie drone comes with a 720p camera which is not ideal for professional photography, but works well enough for clicking selfies. It features real-time Wi-Fi transmission FPV system, which allows you to take amazing selfies with 30 meters range of image transmission.
It is equipped with 2.4G grip controller which features G sensor control plus a barometer altitude hold function so that the drone’s stability is maintained and you capture images easily. You can operate this drone via your smartphone and control it by tilting your phone in any direction. It also features One Key take off/landing feature.

Its G-sensor remote controller can be operated with one hand. To operate it using your smartphone, you will have to download a specific app. The app allows you to edit your pictures, add filters, and share images with friends. Its foldable design maximizes its portability, so you can put it inside your bag and take it anywhere with you. The only downside is that it offers a flight time of 7 minutes, which means you will not be able to make longer aerial videos.


12. Wingsland S6 Selfie Pocket Drone

Wingsland S6 Selfie Pocket Drone

Wingsland S6 Selfie drone is amongst the sturdiest mini drones available on the market. It is a costly model but one look at it features will make you think that it is worth the price. It is equipped with a 4K HD camera which offers a 360 degree field of view. You can capture 13MP photos and due to its 3-axis electronic image stabilization system, your videos won’t be shaky.

You get to choose among three different landing options; manual, auto-land, and auto-home. It also offers a lot of intriguing features like orbit, auto-follow, gesture control, etc. You can make it perform stunts and flips to get the most out of your flying experience. It is a lightweight drone which is compact enough to be taken anywhere.

It offers a flight time of 8 to 10 minutes, which isn’t much for its price. But the drone’s POI function compensates for it, which means that the drone can identify you as a Point of Interest, while you are controlling its POI range and height. This feature comes handy when you’re trying to take panoramic shots.


13. DJI Mavic Pro Drone

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

This is another best selfie drone by DJI on our list which is the brand’s first foldable selfie drone and still hasn’t lost its market. DJI Mavic Pro drone weighs about 1.6lbs and offers some of the most advanced features any drone can boast. It is an expensive drone, but its versatility has made it quite popular.

The drone operates in dual ways with regards to its camera; on short range, it works on 1080p, and on long range, it works on 760p. Due to its OcuSync technology, you can switch between the two by using the controller. The controller offers a splendid range of 7 km, not provided by any other drone which falls into the same price range.

Its Flight Autonomy feature allows the Mavic pro to identify any obstruction in its path (up to 15 meters in the air). This feature helps in strengthening the drone’s durability and reducing the number of incidents which could damage it. This quadcopter is equipped with both forward and downward sensors, granting it incredible visibility and function in the areas devoid of GPS.

Due to its powerful battery system, it can stay up in the air for about 27 to 30 minutes. You can record 4K videos and stream at 30 FPS. It also flaunts a unique feature, called the Tripod mode, which slows down the drone’s speed so you could fly it indoors too. Tripod mode would work well if you plan to click a selfie indoors.

If all these features weren’t enough, this drone is equipped with Level Headed Technology, which means that it will maintain the determined distance off the ground, no matter if you are climbing up or down. Its controller features TapFly technology, which means that with a single tap on the screen you can order the drone to take off and fly to the desired location.


14. DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air

This one is another portable selfie drone by DJI which is compact enough to fit inside your backpack. It is a lightweight and sleek drone which boasts an attractive design. It is not only suitable for amateur flyers but also for advanced flyers who seek out limitless flying possibilities.

It offers an enhanced flying experience and is equipped with 3-axis camera gimbal, which helps lessen vibrations and maintain stability in the air. This feature allows you to capture selfies which aren’t shaky. If you are selfie lover, you will definitely enjoy its 32 sphere Panorama feature. This function lets the drone bind 25 pictures in single 32MP panoramas, in less than 8 seconds. You can only witness this feature by wearing DJI goggles.

You can record 4K HD videos in 30 FPS. The videos made are of high-quality because they are recorded in 100 Mbps. In the end, you get ultra-high definition images and videos. No other model on this list is equipped with such an advanced camera. It also offers extra features like slow motion recording, Active Track mode, and obstacle resistance.


15. Hobbico Selfie Drone Selfie Drone

Hobbico Selfie Drone Selfie Drone

The last model on our list of top 15 best selfie drones is by Hobbico and is an affordable mode. It offers plenty of features for less than $50, making it a suitable model for beginners. You can operate it by downloading an app on your smartphone (it is compatible with both Android and iOS). Flying it becomes easy due to its one-touch app control.

You can instantly share pictures on social media or with your friends by its single-touch preset feature. It may offer short flight time, about 9 minutes, but it allows you to record 720p HD videos with its 1.3MP camera. You can enjoy its other features like Auto take off/landing, delay timer, burst mode, etc.

It is a pocket-sized drone that weighs less than 4 ounces and features Optical Flow Technology. The whole set comes with a USB charging cable, battery charger, a set-up manual, and 2 spare blades.


Best Selfie Drone – Picked one yet?

We hope our guide on best selfie drones has given you the information you need to know before you start selecting models for yourself. Keep in mind the important factors listed in one of the earlier sections of this guide, make a list of the feature you prioritize, and then begin your search.

The model we have reviewed are no doubt some of the best drones available online, but you needn’t stick to these models if you want to explore more.

If you like a specific model, make sure to visit the manufacturer’s official website and read up online product reviews.

As you are looking for a selfie drone, the feature which attracts most buyers is image quality provided by the onboard camera. But do not neglect other features like flight time and drone size, which are equally important. All the best for your purchase!