Sentera’s normalized difference vegetation index (or NDVI) sensors can now be installed on the DJI Mavic Pro, turning it into a crop-scouting powerhouse. These sensors can capture near-infrared images and allow users to capture NDVI crop maps — all while your Mavic’s main camera captures traditional RGB shots. This tech can help growers attain accurate measurements of crops and spot trouble areas.

“Growers and agronomists are keenly interested in [the Mavic Pro] due to its collapsible design, affordability, and precision,” said Kris Poulson, vice president of agriculture for Sentera, in a press release. “We have growers looking to use this now, as their first crops emerge and they have an opportunity to make influential input decisions.”

The Mavic Pro is much smaller and more affordable than other drones used for commercial purposes — and has the benefit of being a great recreational drone in addition to its commercial capabilities. If you’re interested in some hobby flying, I have some good news: The NDVI Single Sensor won’t harm the Mavic Pro camera, as it’s installed onto the airframe. Phew, it’ll still take some epic drone photos and video after it’s done monitoring the health and vitality of crops.