Looking for a free mobile app to help you with your pre-flight mission planning? Here are five choices that top our list.



• International No-fly Zone Map: Simple, intuitive interface which helps you navigate the skies safely (provided by AirMap.io).

• Weather Data: Local current and forecasted weather conditions, along with a detailed breakdown of wind speed and direction, rain or shine, and temperature.

• Flight Logs: Individuals and teams can seamlessly track, log, and maintain their drone fleet. Manage drones, equipment, and personnel.

• Flight Readiness Indicator: Simple to understand flight status to let you know if it’s safe to fly your drone or UAV in certain weather conditions and locations.



• AirMap with real-time airspace layers and alerts

• Drone flight logging with juicy metadata

• Preflight intelligence with hyper local weather and Kp index

• Checklists with full logs and history

• FAA 333, Part 107, and compliance features

• Team support for commercial operators

• Offline access with full access to your fleet

• DJI sync and import



• View airspace data

• Toggle airspace information and advisory map overlays

• Super fast vector maps

• Pilot Profile View

• Manage UAV Aircraft

• Create and manage flights (including Future Flights)

• File Digital Flight Notifications (D-NAS)

• View public flights

• Toggle between four different map styles

• Search map by place or location



This is the best, free Skyvector.com type mobile app we have found. Flightwise FlightPlanner and Chart Explorer is an aviation application designed for pilots. With it, you can create and file flight plans, view aviation charts, TFR’s, weather, and lookup airport information.

FlightPlanner has both VFR and IFR Enroute (low-altitude and high-altitude) charts, and allows overlays with aviation-specific conditions, including AIRMETs, SIGMETs, PIREPs, TRFs, and echo tops. It also includes general-purpose weather radar and wind speed maps. Only available for iOS platforms for now.



• Report for 50,000+ weather stations

• Virtual station forecasts for anywhere on earth

• Create wind profiles

• Wind alerts via push notifications

• Meteorologist forecasts

• Model forecasts

• Forecast maps

• Nautical charts

• Sea surface temperatures

• Ability to view and post onsite reports. When you post an onsite report, you can optionally use the WeatherFlow Wind Meter to measure the wind. The wind meter uses the audio jack, and that’s why the app needs audio permission. Learn more about the Wind Meter.